Old School Row Handle Attachment


Solid as a ROCK!  Heavy-duty construction 1-1/4″ stainless handle with 3 pole hook to hit lats/back with a angles all coming from the finger tips as you know/

Now with stainless steel tip for 40 years of use

this is the opposite of the overseas crap


TK STAR Row Handles

Back from the golden ages. We present this Polished Stainless Steel Row Handle. Angled just right for better contraction and helps to relieve your wrists.

These handles are custom made and hand forged using the highest quality materials to extend the life of your strength training equipment.

Buy today and see why these extremely heavy duty,and durable replacement row handles are becoming a standard customization on strength equipment across the country!

1 review for Old School Row Handle Attachment

  1. Mark S. Knouse

    love the angles – no wrist pain. Would like knurling on grips, without wraps while going heavy it does get a bit slippery! use chalk! other than that – love it.

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