TK Star Design proudly serves Gyms and Health Clubs nationwide. We take pride in our craft and have a passion for extending the life of fitness equipment and establishing long lasting working relationships with Fitness Clubs in New York as well as nationwide. With 40 years of experience welding and manufacturing equipment and parts from scratch, our custom welding jobs are done with precision and care to ensure high quality, long lasting results. Some of our specialties include cable repair and replacement,heavy-duty reupholstering as well as steel work and welding with all metals.


Quality On-Site Repairs!

On-Site Welding in NYC

We offer on and off site custom welding in the New York Metropolitan Area, as well as supply and ship replacement parts all over the nation. Have a look around, or contact us if you have any questions or need custom welding for your gym in the Metropolitan Area



Tom Kinney, founder of TK Star Exercise Equipment; known as an industry icon in the late 1970’s until other interests lured him from the exercise equipment industry in the early 1990’s. TK Star equipment was innovative, exciting, and set a new standard in what had become a stagnant industry. “Someone has to do the inventing and innovating from the sophisticated to the mundane” said Arthur Jones, founder and developer of Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries and Tom Kinney did his share of inventing and developing that has since become industry standards. Lat machine and low cable pulley handles with rotating handles; standard now, but not before TK developed the first ones. Selectorized chin and dip units; standard now, but not before TK developed the first ones. Leg Extension and Leg Curl units with leg length adjustments; standard now, but not before TK developed the first ones.


With safety and satisfaction being our goal, we focus on quality and back our work 110%. Extending the life of your fitness equipment, cutting expensive repair and replacement cost, while ultimately increasing your return on investments.

Tom Kinney / President

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